Projectile motion research paper

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The mathematical formula gives the curve that best fits the experimental data within the error bars.

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The third purpose of this paper is to describe a least squares fitting procedure for obtaining the new drag functions from observed experimental data.

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Projectile Motion

Water flow II - Poiseuille's Law Another neat way of exploring the factors affecting flow rate in liquids is shown in the diagram below. The masses are attached to the end of massless rods that are located on points of an equilateral triangle centered about the major axis of the projectile. Then add the bentonite 0.

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To explain this, let me first define orbit, which the curved path of a satellite around a celestial body. Through the use of internal moving parts, gyroscopic forces can be generated, thus changing the flight trajectory of the projectile.

It is important to understand the effect of gravity when zeroing the sighting components of a gun. This course is recommended for students in Grade 10, 11, or The light stayed constant as the panel heated up and he got some interesting results see setup below.

Water flow I - Poiseuille's Law The study of the flow of real fluids through tubes is of considerable interest in physics and chemistry as well as in biomedical science flow of blood in arteries and in engineering.

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The two pictures below demonstrate the calculations from Trial 1 at 00 and Trial 1 at In this experiment we did five separate shots from the cannon at 00, and 3 separate shots at We determined the average distance of the shots from each angle by using a meter stick.

We were then. Projectile motion is the study of how objects fly through the air at different angles and how they will land. Many variables act along with projectile motion.

Three of the most important variables include gravity, the horizontal force of the object, and air resistance. Projectile Motion Objectives: Students will measure the maximum height H and the range R of a projectile motion. They will study the effect of the shooting angle on H and R.

Material used: 4 rulers, track, metallic ball, landing track, A4 white paper, red carbon paper, timer + supply, gun + protractor. Example A: Green will be reflected and so the paper appears green to an observer.

Example B: Red will be reflected and so the paper appears red to an observer.

Projectile motion research paper
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