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Rome-Han Empire Comparison Chart

While the elite could enjoy a relatively wealthy life and could expect to become officials and hold high positions, lower classes could not expect such luxury. Both the Han Dynasty and the Romans were wealthy and had many luxuries.

The emperors were careful to present themselves as just rulers who governed from the consent of the citizenry, though tyrants such as Caracalla and Nero inflicted misery throughout the empire. While the Roman rulers organized a state religion [41] and the emperors took a big part in it, the Han emperors were more secular; they acknowledged the existence of the gods and took part in ceremonies, but were for the most part unconcerned with them [42].

The same principle applied to Roman religion as well. Naturalis HistoriaThe Renaissance a thousand years later marked the conscious return to the classical heritage.

In the Han Dynasty, women had more liberties, and were expected to abide by Confucianism. They could also declare war or peace. Governing them were the scholar-officials, educated men who were interpreters of the empire's official ideology, Confucianism.

Differing AttitudesToward Technology in the Han and Roman Empires

As written by Han authors, roads built during the Han were tamped down with metal rammers, yet there is uncertainty over the materials used; Joseph Needham speculates that they were rubble and gravel.

For the lower classes, the fastest way to advance socially was the army or trade [38]. This spanned more thanmileskm of roads, including more than 50, miles 80, km of paved roads.

According to Roman history, many plebian class families grew rich and prosperous while many patrician families lost their wealth and fell into poverty. Iron for the Eagles. The Roman peasantry and slaves, taxed heavily by the aristocrats, also grew disgruntled. Oleson, John Peter ed.

Out of the many things that the Roman Republic did that affected the world permanently is their legislative system which is still looked at with great admiration today.

Shaowin emperor of Northern Wei, ruler of North China who himself was a non-Chinese, prohibited speaking of languages other than Chinese in his realm. Summary The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were both very powerful nations with very different attitudes toward technology.

Towards the end of the Republic there was more of one social class that wanted the same things as opposed to two different social classes that each has special rights reserved specifically for them.

It was not until the reign of Ran Min in AD that the Chinese regained control of North China, after which they proceeded to slaughter the barbarians.

Rome-Han Empire Comparison Chart

Latin is used in the creation of new words and the decryption of older ones. Each social group had well-defined roles.

Where stories begin

These men also helped link the central government with local society. To express their thoughts, Han scholars preferred the written medium; many books were written in that era. Roman emperors were frequently assassinated and ruled for short periods compared to the Han.

The Han believed in Confusiansm and that it brought loyalty, authority, and respect for elders. In Han china, poetry, stories and books were very common; the elite was expected to be versed in prose and poetry. Roman women could not be judges, regardless of their intelligence, and Han women were not allowed to learn to read or write.

Eventually, the barbarian invaders were assimilated. In previous times, the tools manufactured by workers for their own use were of excellent quality.

Although a few rump states continue to exist and the Eastern empire tried several times to reconquer the west, Western Europe was securely in the hands of the barbarians. When the Roman government undertook a project, laborers were paid and therefore had incentive to do well.

Hereditary positions came back later, as evidenced by the fact that the founder of the Tang dynasty was the hereditary duke of Tang, and regional governors were allowed to pass titles on. By embracing Confucian political ideas, the Han established a government that created a careful balance that both allowed emperors to exercise their own power and that empowered officials freedom to carry out their duties, and even to criticize government and impeach corrupt superiors.

Women in Rome and in the Han Dynasty had no authority to own land and they had to obey their husband and her son. Octavian was the obvious victor of the battle and after the victory; he besieged the city where Cleopatra and Mark Antony fled to until they both committed suicide.

Ms. Kamburov AP World History How do I write a Comparative Essay for AP World History? Example: "Compare and contrast methods of political control of the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire.". Comparison between Roman and Han Empires.

From Wikiversity. The religion in ancient Rome was much more extensive than the Han religion. While the Roman rulers organized a state religion The Romans were the world's first major bridge builders. View Essay - Han China and Rome Essay from AP WORLD Advanced P at Episcopal High School, Baton Rouge.

7 Analyze similarities and differences in techniques of imperial administration in Han China and. AP® WORLD HISTORY SCORING GUIDELINES Question 1—Document-Based Question BASIC CORE (competence) 0–7 Points 1.

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Has acceptable thesis. 1 Point • The thesis must include both Han and Roman attitudes toward technology with.

Start studying AP world history- Rome and Han China. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Ap World History. Rome Vs. Han China and differences. The Roman Empire and Han China were two empires that progressed strongly through the Classical World and expanded their empire with the use of Words: — Pages: 2.

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